Modernes Handwerk



Our Standard is high quality
We make/build pressure tanks in strict accordance of the European pressure device directive (97 / 23 / the EC) under supervision of the technical supervision association, and are an approved, company according to HPO and WHG. With GOST licensing we expanded in 2002 into the Russian market. Followed by the acquired ASME licensing in 2007 for the USA.

High quality by state of art procedures
Beside traditional technics, we utilize the plasma keyhole process, whereby a non-melting electrode under protective gas saves filler metal.

Advantages of this technology are:
- Locally restricted heat
- A sure weld with an even seam root
- Low delay thru nearly parallel seam flanks
- Highest-quality welds
The metal cutting occurs with the help of a modern cut to length system. To protect the fitted parts in other production processes, each piece is protected inside and out by a protective foil.

With our fully automatic Conic grinding and polishing machine, we polish cones, bottoms and cylinders, inside and out to a depth of RA=0, 2 µ with ease. A CNC-steered plasma-edge cutter enables highest precision cutting of all parts.

Boundless possibilities – to meet growth
At both company sites we can produce vertically as well as horizontal. Our production facilities of roughly 30,000 square meters (323,000 square foot) and our manufacturing sites with 5,000 (53,000 square foot) square meters insure the capacity for all orders.