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About us


Gresser today
The fundament of our expertise lies in our 140 year tradition and decades of experience in the modern day industry/market. Our know-how is assured by our high educational and training standards for our employees, which is constantly updated. Now in the 3rd generation, Christian Gresser and his daugther have successfully lead our family owned business, also through difficult times.

In the 20th century
After the takeover of the barrel factory Heldwein in 1918, the company relocated in 1926 to the industrial area "Aufeld" in Regensburg. At the end of the 1950´s, Victor Gresser senior took over his father's enterprise. In 1970 the new, large production building was finished in Regensburg. The 1990s saw the expansion into Thuringia with a new, large manufacturing plant, and the takeover of the company by Christian Gresser.

In the 19th Century
The roots of today's Christian Gresser Behälterbau und Behälterbau GmbH go back to 1872. At that time, Christian Gresser founded the Regensburg Fassfabrik (barrel factory) in the historical cathedral city of Regensburg. Back then, there were around 40 breweries in the city, which boasts a rich brewing tradition going back as far as 2000 years!